RAWing with the Bard

Unbarred Once you’ve been in, it’s tough to stay out of jail. That’s the hard fact that characters face in these gritty modern-day Shakespeare adaptations, which reimagine the classics with […]

RAWing on the Level

A few years ago I became involved with a writing project to create content for the Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention System (LLI). This is a “small-group, supplementary literacy intervention designed to […]

RAWing with school visits

School is out this week, so thought I’d throw up some photos from 2015 school visits, the majority of them made to alternative schools. Contact me directly for school […]

RAWing with Families Affected by Incarceration

According to the website for the Strengthening Families Affected by Incarceration about 2.7 million children won’t be celebrating the holidays with a parent because that parent is behind bars. On any given day, […]