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Clicked  -maybe the first NC17 YA novel – is available in print today on Amazon.   Here’s interview to support drop and two early reviews

RAWing with MacBeth

Beth receives a prophecy from a trio of girls that she will be elected homecoming queen of Scottsdale High School.  Consumed by ambition and spurred to action by her boyfriend […]

RAWing with Hamlet

Do the crime, do the time behind bars. But once you’ve been in, it can be tough to stay out. When Hinton Helsinger leaves the Youth Correctional Center, he’s set […]

RAWing with Antony & Cleopatra

Alejandro has served six months for trumped-up charges after a brutal encounter with police. Now that he’s out, he’s determined to break ties with his gang and forge a new […]

RAWing with Romeo & Juliet

Tension between African Americans and Somalis at Rodney’s high school erupts into a food fight that turns into a riot. In the midst of the violence, Rodney helps a Somali […]

RAWing with Othello

Ian’s band is finally taking off. But the band’s front man and Ian’s best friend, Orlando, can’t catch a break as a black kid in their white town. Tension with […]

RAWing with the Bard

Unbarred Once you’ve been in, it’s tough to stay out of jail. That’s the hard fact that characters face in these gritty modern-day Shakespeare adaptations, which reimagine the classics with […]